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The Top 5 Parenting Websites for Naija Moms and Dads

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must read parenting sites for 9ja mom.jpg “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

― Benjamin Spock

While Dr. Spock does have it right about trusting ourselves and knowing more than we think we do as Naija moms and dads, we also need to arm ourselves with trusty and empathetic resources to shine  a light and guide us when we feel alone and floundering as a parent.

Yes, parenting can be tough and challenging but it is the best thing in the world and when you have the right parenting websites, you can trust yourself more than ever to make the best decisions and choices for your children.

Here are some 9jamom approved parenting website for Nigerian parents:

Parenting Websites for Naija Parents

  1. Naija Husband 

    A light-hearted yet real and candid look at life from the eyes of a Naija husband. Here’s what the About page of the site says, “Welcome to the musings of a “not so typical” Naija husband. As you can tell from the pic, there’s a certain image of the typical Nigerian husband out there in our society. I’m working to change that because even though some of it is well deserved, as many Nigerian women might say, my wife’s got the perfect Naija husband. Yes I said it…Perfect.” It’s a great read for all Naija moms and wives and of course, their husbands!

  2. Nordica Fertility Center 

    Dealing with infertility? The Nordica Fertility Center offers you information, resources and of course, treatment options for infertility.

  3. Patrick Speech and Languages Center 

    If you are a Naija mom with a child who’s on the Autism Spectrum or who has Asperger’s Syndrome, the Patrick’s website is a great source of information and encouragement for you. The PSLC has events organised at their school and also, highlights important news in the fields of autism, Asperger’s and other developmental disabilities. From the website, “Patrick Speech and Language Centre (commonly called Patrick’s) is a unique centre for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger Syndrome and other related developmental disabilities. The Centre was established in 2006 by Mrs. Dotun Akande after many years of frustration searching for an ideal environment for her autistic son.”


    While not specifically for Naija parents, this parenting website is a treasure trove of ideas, activities and information for parents worldwide and there is a lot of good information that you can find here on pregnancy, fertility, health and development of children, besides of course, ideas for things to do with the kids and more!


    Another site that is more international than specifically Naija in its outlook, is also a great resource for moms and dads with lots of information and ideas for positive parenting, dealing with divorce, developmental and health topics, pregnancy and also, food, health and family fun!

What are some of your favorite go-to sites for Naija parenting tips and resources?




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One thought on “The Top 5 Parenting Websites for Naija Moms and Dads

  1. oluseye

    As Nigerian mothers, we have some inherent cultural advantages over other cultures. The fact that respect for authority is expected and demanded compels the average nigerian parent to want to discipline their kids, even if its just so that they wont be seen as deficient in their parenting skills.


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