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So many changes, so little time - your little one is growing so quickly! First birthdays, pre-school planning and many more - 9ja Mom is here to provide perspective for the many decisions during hectic early years.
Pregnancy Week by Week

Are you pregnant? Tell us how far along you are to see what to expect week-by-week.


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Baby Name Finder

Type in a Name to see its Meaning, Gender,Origin and Others you might like:



Share with your Friends! Creative Commons, Flickr I have never been a big fan of [...]

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Share with your Friends! Introducing new foods to your toddler can be tough, especially if [...]

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Share with your Friends!Being a parent to a baby or toddler is beyond a full-time [...]

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Share with your Friends!It’s a little easier to get intimate when your kids are babies. [...]

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Share with your Friends!If you have a toddler,  then you know that things may not [...]

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Share with your Friends!Potty training becomes inevitable at some point in a child’s life (at [...]

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Our tools, calculators, calendars, checklists, and worksheets help reduce the stress of pregnancy and parenting. Find answers you need for baby names, calculating your due date, trying to conceive, tracking your child's development or fun crafts and family activities, delicious mom-rated recipes and more!