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Things to Discuss with Your Hubby When Planning for a Baby

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NigerianParentingArticles-Relaxed-couple-discussingplanningbabyBringing a child into the world is not something that you can afford to take lightly and a discussion with your hubby when planning for a baby is key. Ideally, you and your partner should have started discussing your views on child rearing before you even tied the knot. It is very stressful for couples who find out that they are expecting a child without ever having discussed the prospect of becoming parents together.  Set aside quiet time for you and your partner to go over key issues pertaining to having a baby and raising a child.  Consider this list of just some of the key issues to discuss with your partner.

Health Insurance

Before you even think about getting pregnant be sure that you do a health insurance check up. For example, be sure of what exactly your insurance covers and whom. Is your practitioner on the list? Which facilities do they allow you to go to? Do they cover well baby care? Do they cover midwives and birth centers? What would your co-pay be? Do they cover high risk prenatal care? Do they have any special prenatal programs? Since you have the ability to change insurances typically only once a year, do your planning ahead of time rather than getting stuck with poor coverage or getting stuck not being able to see the care providers you’d like to see.


Of course, money plays an issue when thinking about babies. Babies come with a magical power: They make your every nickel disappear. Cribs! Diapers! Postnatal care! A tricked-out Bugaboo stroller with a built-in Blu-ray player! These little creatures have the gall to ask for food too. Make a realistic financial plan and leave some leeway for the unexpected.You will need to consider the costs of having a baby from health insurance co-payments to day care or a reduction in income. Are you housing and car situations good or will you need an upgrade? And let’s not forget diapers, car seats and all the things babies need.


If race or religion is a big issue for you and your partner, chances are you will have discussed how you’re going to bring up any children long before they’re conceived, says Susan Ashbourne, a chartered psychologist specializing in relationships and parenting. On the other hand, if you are ambivalent about your faith, having a baby can quickly bring this issue into focus.

Division of Responsibility

In most two-parent families, one of the parents spends a substantially larger amount of time caring for the child or children while the other parent spends substantially more time at work.In some situations, one parent (usually the mother) stays at home with the children all the time while the other parent works full-time or more to financially support the family.  On the other hand, there are many parents who hire a nanny so that they can both maintain their careers full-time. Discuss your career goals, and how they fit into your familial goals. Remember, with a new baby comes a whole new load of work. There’s more cooking, more laundry and more mess than ever before.  When it comes to a new baby, it’s the area where expectations tend to differ significantly and is one of the areas of most conflict. Some of the questions will be how you are going to share the night shifts, say, and who will cook. If you don’t have a cleaner, warn your partner the house won’t always be tidy, at least in the early days. You may also want to discuss the possibility of having your parents or his help out with the household chores and the feelings associated with this change.



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