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Religion versus Spirituality

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Religion is not the passage and/or source to “Eternal & Internal” peace! Religion is a good practice, good mental and physical exercise.

As humans we take religion to heights of unknown categories; anchored with fear, “fate not faith” & mind control! Tranquility should never have a price attached to it. As humans our creation and reproduction is not made up of any religion cell. Religion is a strong culture in itself, a culture with strong beliefs. Respectfully its purpose is to serve one GOD. The creator of all things – both livings things and non-living things. Listen my good friend we can debate this till eternity but who has that kind of time?!

Here’s my point of debate; every human is a spiritual being, born the same way. All functionality is controlled from our inner soul, which science has never been able to find or describe its formation! However the research continues… back to the topic… religion VS spiritual, the AIR we breathe can’t be fully described except for simply categorizing into two, “oxygen and carbon-dioxide”. Which falls under AIR/GAS/VAPORIZING AIR… Funny enough our inner spirit we all have operates this way! During birth our first air IN is oxygen, and last air OUT carbon-dioxide! Without this our body is just a fleshy shell. We may view this differently or in many other ways… but I’ll leave this with you… External is religion and internal will always be spiritual. My religion is spiritual!!

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