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A Real Mommy: It Takes More Than DNA

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It takes more than just giving birth to be a mommy; DNA is not the only proof of mommyship (lol).  A mommy is the one who attends the school PTA MEETING. She wakes up early to make sure the kids are well prepared for school.

She makes sure that you are fed and clean at all times, she even gives you a couple knocks on the head when you try to act naughty. A mommy is the one who holds the cane at the door when you come home later than you are allowed to. She is the one who will put on her “knock-them-out” jeans in a split second if she even suspects that someone is trying to bully you. Your mommy is the one who says good things about you to all her friends even when you have been naughty; your mommy is the one who tells that ‘you can’ even when you have no confidence in yourself.

I have several moms. All my sisters are my moms. They would never let me go hungry, I never missed lunch! I know it wasn’t easy for them but they never complained. They made sure that I looked pretty all the time, always brushing my long hair and telling me how happy they are to have a baby sister. My neighbors were my moms too, I remember aunty R, she would be the first one to ask for my report card before I got home because her house was right before mine, and if I didn’t do well she would give me a complementary smack on behalf of my family. She would then say something nice and give me money for ice cream. Hey, don’t think the ice cream money was to keep me from telling my family that I got smacked, no sir, she would tell them that herself! She was always there.

Another one of my many moms is my sister in law, she is super cool. She always had this gentle way of advising me that it was just so easy to agree with her, don’t get me wrong , she also knew how to shout when I refused to listen. Though I am all grown up now, I still love and respect all my moms and I can never out grow them.

To all of you who have more than one mommy, lucky you! And to those of you who haven’t hugged your moms yet, what are you waiting for?

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