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Real 9ja Dad: Alex Yangs, Chef Toh Bad and Advertising Guru

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ikeja-20130413-00304Alex Yangs strikes us an unpretentious, loving husband who is crazy about his kids, wife and work. We love a man that can cook and has no qualms publicly admitting that he cannot do without Sex! About fatherhood, he says “Reality check, it’s that constant reminder that your every action is being emulated by some ‘little you’.. but it’s a beautiful thing to be part of… this is not to say there is absolutely no stress!!!”

Enjoy this heart-warming interview with our #Real9jaDad!

It’s a real pleasure to interview you. How would you describe yourself?

Thank you. I would say I am a fun, simple, adventurous, kind and highly creative person who puts others first before me and always looking for ways to make a difference and stand out.

Please describe your family

Well if we go back to the days of junior school I would say my family is a nuclear family…Alex, Omeyi, Farrell and Darren.

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What do you do for a living? Does it impact the time you spend with you children?

I am an entrepreneur and currently the managing director of a new age multi-level advertising agency based in Lagos, Nigeria (Ashwell&White). My work has me travelling a lot across Nigeria; deploying or activating for our various clients, but as any working man in Nigeria would tell you, if you are excited about your kids there will always be time made!

Fatherhood to me is _____?

Reality check, it’s that constant reminder that your every action is being emulated by some ‘little you’.. but it’s a beautiful thing to be part of… this is not to say there is absolutely no stress!!!

Do you have “assigned” chores? In what ways do you help out in the home?

Assigned chores…No. it’s our house and my mum taught me to keep the home clean and tidy always.. so I do whatever needs doing (although we have a maid).

Do you and your significant other have clearly defined roles? Who is the decision maker?

Well, not really just unspoken roles that we have taken on and see through. But with finances I believe I handle the big things and she supports with the little ones.

I expected Fatherhood to be : _____a huge responsibility of life____, but didn’t expect it _____to become one’s whole life. You have to put more effort to still have ‘you’ in that mix.____

My funniest goof-up as a father has been ___?

…None really, lets just say I have a lot of nieces and nephews and I had some really good amount of time with them so its safe to say I know my way around it. Does putting on diapers backwards count?

I can’t do without __?

…God! … and no I’m not trying to be religious but left alone, I’ll be nothin, no-one! Everyhting else springs from that. Also sex!!

Favorite fun activity with the family is….

play time, cartoon time (fave cartoons: samurai jack, penuins of Madagascar, Shaun the sheep, Ben 10)

What advice would you give to a new dad?

Becoming a father is simple, but you will need to be ‘hands on’ to become a dad! That’s the only way to bond and earn their trust.

What about parenting did you learn from your father?

Actually I don’t think I learnt much about parenting from my dad; in my days there wasn’t so much teaching from dads to sons, just many unspoken actions that you were meant to decode. But my dad taught me to always put in an effort and always come home with gifts for the kids every now and then.

What is your biggest parenting challenge?

Schools… many things that a child learns outside the home are from school and mixing with other kids and their different upbringings, but school can’t be avoided so more effort is required from us to enforce our teachings.

Fatherhood is fun because ____?

…being able to watch a tiny you smile at you when the world has beaten you up when you get home is beyond words
img_00000608_0When you’re not working, you’re?

Home with the fam… tv time, cooking time, and play time

R&R is swimming, movies, series, and animal planet

What is one thing people might be surprised to know about you?

That I am a fantastic cook, I have black belts in four martial arts and have been behind some amazing advertising strategies in Nigeria, from individual, to corporate and government.

What’s your favorite hangout spot/restaurant?

I love movies so any of the 4 main cinemas in lagos, the restaurants would be Zen on Isaac John, Pattaya, Metisse, and Jevenik.

If you were a biscuit, which would you be?

All Butter Short bread biscuit

What’s your favorite time of the year?

Easter and Christmas

Were you in the room for the birth of your children?

Yes .. making jokes and conversing with the docs, creating videos and smiling at my wife


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