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When Your Friends Won’t Hang With “Mom”

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Portrait Of A Successful Business womanWe be 9ja moms so there is no need to pretend that we don’t understand pidgin; even those of us who dey for ‘ abroad’

Abeg o, i wan ask una something! una don notice say some of una old friends no dey wan yarn with una so much since una turn to mama abi na only me notice this one? Shuo, the matter serious o! Dem don dey look me like old cargo now because i don born. Na wa for this one o.

Anyway sha, i just wan offer support to all the mama wey experience this same mata; make una just try see am like this – those your friends wey dey snob you now, no be say dem no like you but dey just feel say you and dem don dey different lanes now because your priorities don change. You no go fit dey follow them go club again na, abi you wan talk say your liver strong reach to leave your pikin go buggy down for club? my liver no strong reach that level o. make you no vex for your old friends, dem no fit understand how dem attitude dey make you feel until dem get dia own pikin.

Make you try to find new friends who dey the same lane with you so that una go get more things to talk about. To become mama no be bad thing okay, so try to dey mingle with other mamas so that you go feel comfortable and you go fit dey talk to person wey understand exactly what you are talking about. Your old friends no go fit wan dey hang out with you when 90% of your conversation will be about your pikin. Even men dey’ experience similar situation because sometimes they just need person way them go yarn with about the cost of school fees . Let’s be understanding of our friends who don’t have kids yet and let’s not feel bad that they don’t want to hang out with us anymore.

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