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Nanny Vs. Daycare? Need some help deciding

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This is something that has been on my mind since I was pregnant.  How in the world do working moms make this kind of a decision? Since both options require moms to make the tough decision of letting someone else raise the child.   In a perfect world, you would most likely prefer to stay home with your child until he/she reaches school age, but staying home doesn’t pay the bills.

In order to decide which option was right for me I made a list of pros and cons for each option:

The “Pros” of hiring a nanny include:

  1. Nanny stays in your house so she follows the rules you make.
  2. Nanny dedicates her time to your child/children only.
  3. Nanny may help out around the house.
  4. Nanny will work in your home, making it more comfortable for your child to stay in a familiar environment.

The “Cons” of hiring a nanny include:

  1.  Individual care may be more expensive than other day care facilities.
  2. You may not find the “perfect” nanny right away, making it stressful to find one that works well
  3. Having a stranger in your home with the child all day may be uncomfortable.
  4. No guarantees that your child will not be mistreated or given the quality of care you expect
  5. Hiring a nanny means payroll, taxes, vacation time, insurance, sick/personal days, vacations, and finding a back-up sitter when your nanny is unavailable

The “Pros” of enrolling your child in daycare include:

  1.  Daycare may be a more affordable child care option.
  2.  Your child will be supervised by more than one adult (in many cases).
  3.  Many Day cares must meet state regulations for sanitation and safety.
  4.  Your privacy is protected since there will not be anyone in your home.
  5. Socialization with other children is a key component.

The “Cons” of enrolling your child in daycare include

  1. Your child is more susceptible to illness due to picking up germs/viruses.
  2. More prep is needed in the morning.
  3. Employee turnover may be high.
  4. When your child is sick you may be forced to miss work.
  5. Your child will have to conform to a schedule he is not used to (as opposed to the one you have at home).
  6. Little flexibility for scheduling or control

I would love some suggestions, moms, what do you think? Did you put your child with a nanny or in a day care? What were the pros and cons of your situation? What would you recommend for new moms trying to make this decision?

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