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Ibinike Ibidolapo T'Fajolu

Asst Editor

m a trained Estate surveyor and work as a business analyst with one of Nigeria's oldest banks. I'm a lover of books and love to write. A wife and mother of one, I'm also a christian who believes in the efficacy of the word of God and strive to please God in all that I do. A budding enterpreneur, I retail a brand-name makeup products and magazines.  

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I could be quite a comedian when I want to
  • I love cooking, especially traditional dishes
  My Favorite part of Motherhood: ... Pregnancy (really!) and watching my child grow   My Biggest Challenge with Motherhood: Infertility! Got through it with Prayers, treatment and gaining an understanding of what was going in in my body.   The Makings of a 9ja Mom: A solid support to her husband, staunch believer in discipline and a loyal cheerleader for her children.

Chioma S. Obioha

Copy Editor

hioma S. Obii-Obioha has always been fascinated by the power of words! An avid reader from an extremely young age, she quickly discovered her unique talents as an excellent writer and communicator; she has been engaging with the world through words ever since. While obtaining a B.A. (Hons) in Psychology with a minor in Communications at Fairleigh Dickinson University,Chioma served as the Features Editor of the campus newspaper. It was during this time that she fell in love with another important element of communication: the art of the interview. She has combined her natural talent and creativity with experience garnered from years of making emotional connections through written and spoken words to create Love.’n Words. Frustrated with the low expectations of African men as husbands and fathers, and the realization that the lack of emotional connections in these areas result from diverse cultural elements, Chioma set out to create Love.’n Words with the bold aim of countering these negative cultural structures by creating a platform that inspires romance, challenges the status quo, initiates dialogue, and celebrates excellent African husbands and fathers, from the celebrity to the everyday man. She is currently the Relationships Editor of Munaluchi Bride Magazine, the leading authority on bridal inspiration for the woman of color who craves culture and style. Chioma lives in New Jersey with her amazing husband, Tita. Her life’s mission, unwavering since childhood, is simply to change the world! - See more at:

Olukemi Macaulay

Newman aka The Lazy 9ja Mom,Managing Editor

I'm the queen of finding the most convenient way of getting things done - I don't believe in spending any more time than is necessary on 'menial' tasks and would rather create more time to curl up on a couch with a good read and a glass of wine. I'm very adventurous, love reading, traveling, eating, trying out new restaurants, outdoor activities (swimming, kayaking, rafting, etc... you name it and I'm game and painting the town red with my extremely supportive hubby!

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I've got a wry, sarcastic sense of humor - you either love it or don't.
  • I'm a big kid at heart - and now my son is a great excuse to get on the swings at the playground, and enjoy similar activities without being an "agbaya".
  • I love a good laugh.
  • I am sooo addicted to shoes, purses and accessories.
  • I can be a girly, girl when I want to but would just as quickly swap my heels for a helmet and jump on a bike! Hope to get one some day ;)

The Best Part of Being a Mom is:

...watching my son sleep - I'm always peeking and wondering how I got to be blessed with such an extraordinary gift (still can't believe he's mine). Listening to the language of a toddler learning to speak: "yook = look"; "yight = light"; punkin = pumpkin and more recently, "astachios=pistachios" - gosh, BUT he can say "waj'egba" very clearly, hmm I wonder why!. My Biggest Challenge with Motherhood: The loss of quiet times. Managing a chronic condition that leaves me with reduced energy when all my son wants to do is run around and play... The Makings of a 9ja Mom: Dedication, persistence, and love for our culture. I'm a 9ja Mom Because: I love 9ja Culture and hope my kids will be proud to be 9ja and pass on our strong heritage. I'm also looking forward to sharing our culture with the rest of the world... - See more at:
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