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Our 9ja Moms are diverse, intelligent ladies with a lot of talent and 9ja Mom will be showcasing all of these and many more of their qualities via this platform - M.O.M is an opportunity to get to know our moms a little better, learn from each other's experiences, and increase awareness of the different capabilities within our community. Be a part of M.O.M by sending us an email at This feature supports 9ja Mom's goals of Three E's which are to:
  • - Educate
  • - Elevate
  • - Empower
Pregnancy Week by Week

Are you pregnant? Tell us how far along you are to see what to expect week-by-week.


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happy mom and daughter playing

Share with your Friends! This is something that has been on my mind since I [...]

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Share with your Friends!A mom to three boys, our featured mom is perfect for June [...]

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Share with your Friends!Mrs Osinoiki is an Early Years Music Educator, helping young children to develop [...]

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Share with your Friends! Iphie Adizue is a mogul mom of three who just launched [...]

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Share with your Friends!9jaMom: What is your name (meaning, if any) and where are you from? [...]

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Share with your Friends! Mrs. Dotun Akande is a mother of three, who studied economics [...]

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Share with your Friends! Omeyi Eneehi Yangs is an Economics graduate of Trent University, Canada, [...]

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Our tools, calculators, calendars, checklists, and worksheets help reduce the stress of pregnancy and parenting. Find answers you need for baby names, calculating your due date, trying to conceive, tracking your child's development or fun crafts and family activities, delicious mom-rated recipes and more!