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Juicing for Health: Red Wine and Beets have a lot in common

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I’ve been craving beets like crazy!!!! Only had a little in the beginning of my pregnancy and towards the end, I had definitely stopped including it in my juices. It has such strong detoxifying powers that I didn’t want to take a chance with any reactions. So asked hubby to pickup some beet roots coming from the gym and he got some nice large ones. Today’s drink is nice!!!! Tastes just like red wine and I’m happy to be reunited with beets. Next time I make sangria, I’m definitely using this recipe!!!

Half a large Beet
3 stalks of Celery
2 med size Apples
1 Carrot
1/2 pack Broccolette

End result – piece of heaven! Don’t forget the ice cubes and enjoy ;)

Note: if you’re just starting to juice beets, don’t do too much at once until your body is used to them. They’re very potent! Learn more about beet root benefits and tips for juicing beets!



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