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Great Bra begets good personality :) TMI?

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articles_on_parenting_freya_balconnette_bra2Bras, happiness, what does one have to do with the other? A lot I say!

I got a call from a good friend while she was at the store and was hesitant about spending a significant chunk on bras. It reminded me of when I just had my son and was still nursing with humongous milk boobies and back pain magnified causing tremendous back pain for someone with back issues…

I set off to Nordys to get measured and buy some bras. Got fitted, Tried some bras and then picked four went to check out to the tune of $400! I figured after many years of never splurging, it was absolutely worth it… I felt great, immediately sent the following email to close girlfriends announcing my splurge (considered it one) cos I can be a cheapo…

Sent 3/6/10 Titled: Great Bra begets good personality :) TMI?

I just had to share cos I’m in high spirits :)

I went to Nordstrom yesterday to get fitted (I’ve done this in the past and ended up leaving cos I was being too cheap to buy the recommendation) but this time I went in determined to buy at least one bra. (yeah, the back pain was getting to me!)

After fitting, the bra felt so good, I splurged and walked out with 4 new bras and kept one of the new ones on. I can say my attitude is very much improved as a result of my girls being treated right! – oh did i mention it was good to know my band size is smaller than I’ve always worn? and my cups are bigger he he… Imagine how much misery I could have saved myself all these years if only i wasn’t too cheap?

My *G* cups are excellent! (kudos to the milk drinking child!)

From the Diary of a happy black woman :)

___Oh, I should add they are sexy too – after years of being lied to that I had to buy thick straps for back support – I am finally able to buy some super sexy/funky-styled bras with thinner straps cos they’re the right size… ….. everytime i walk, i can’t help but stare at the girls…. TMI :)

Ok, I’m outty for now… love ya!

I enthusiastically “encouraged” her to go ahead and splurge on them – she could afford to, and I knew just how much they would transform her afterwards; I was!. Like most frugalistas, we need someone to validate purchases that  seem “extravagant” even while technically “affordable”. She went ahead and was happy to get rid of her “cheapos and feel completely supported all year long!!!” (in her words) and sent a message a the very next day that said “Wearing one of my new bras… Feeling quite perky! Lol” - clearly she was happy about her decision.

articles_on_parenting_bras_personality_chantelle_rive_gauche_bra_3281_black_1_1_Turns out her favorite brand from the fitting was the same as mine from my fitting years before that. Chantelle Intimates bras are simply amazing!…My fave while nursing was tarticles_on_parenting_freya_balconnette_brahe Rive Gauche 3281 even though it wasn’t a nursing bra, but they have many new designs now. Freya (pictured to the right) also has some really beautiful, feminine and sexy designs and while I bought some, I wasn’t crazy about the fit afterwards and haven’t bought anymore since then but I intend to go back and try some other cuts. They have the Rosie Soft Cup Nursing bra which I’d love to try next time I’m nursing ;)


I have to say in general, I’m soooo addicted to the right underwear in general – not even for my man, but for me and how I feel in them – apart from getting the right kind of support, they make or break how you feel (I feel very confident in the right underwear), the fit of a dress, showing off your proportions etc… It’s worth splurging on the right kind IMO…

When the girls are lifted up correctly, your real waist size shows and your shape stands out with the dress looking amazing! Same with a t-shirt…

Think you can’t afford it? Thing again! There’s probably something else you can give up so you can save up and splurge – one every couple of months to gradually replace your old bras and get on a schedule. Don’t forget you’re supposed to replace your bras every six months so you don’t need to have 10 at a time… 3 – 4 good bras are sufficient and won’t break the bank if you average the cost over a month. You could get away with 2 over the course of six months depending on what kind of bra wearing schedule you’re on Shop during a sale and check out discounted sites for better prices.

Read our article on choosing the right underwear for your body.


Have a similar experience? Share Below!

How important are bras (and underwear in general) to you? Do they impact your self confidence? What would you spend on a bra?

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