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Vaginal vs. C-Section?

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    November 17, 2011 at 10:53am

    Moving Elizabeth O’s question from the Epidural vs Natural Child Birth – Ouch!!! discussion to a new thread as it is sure to be another hot topic. Oya oh, moms address this question sharp sharp!

    Hi fellow naija moms. I’m so glad this is a topic! I’m in my 5th month of pregnancy(my first) and i know i am mighty scared of getting an epidural because i have back pain and i generally loathe needles. Weirdly enough i have a pretty good threshold for pain. On the other hand, i have heard that once you go natural, your pretty vajayjay is never going to be the same. That scares me more. So my own issue is not even epidural it is natural or optional CS?? Please help!!!!

    Avatar of Nan

    November 17, 2011 at 2:54pm

    I’ve heard about elective CS for mothers without complications. Women that have had it often complain about the long recovery period. You’re unable to do A LOT of things in the first few weeks and it could even get in the way of you caring for your baby. I see it as one of those personal decisions that you have to do your own research on, weigh up on the pros and cons and make your mind up.

    There are ways to reduce tearing during delivery if that’s your main fear. Kegel exercise as well as perineum massage have been known to reduce tearing in first time mothers. You may even be among the lucky women that don’t tear at all!

    I for one don’t care about the looks of my vajayjay. That’s my hubby’s problem since he spends more time looking at it than I ever will, And if bringing his child into the world ruins the aesthetics of things down there, ah well… he can’t have it all. I’m more worried about post-breastfeeding saggy boobs, hehehe… I love my boobies! Everyone with their wahala.

    If that’s what you really want, then by all means go for it.

    Avatar of The Lazy 9ja Mom
    The Lazy 9ja Mom

    November 17, 2011 at 3:35pm

    I had the same concerns as you did about epidural because of back pains and a high pain threshold but I ended up getting one because I didn’t have much of a choice. Now, as for the vayjayjay changing to compete with the grand canyon, I’ve heard mixed reports from moms who’ve gone through it… I’ve even heard of a Pastor that asked his wife to have a C-section so that he wouldn’t lose out (imagine? it’s one thing for the woman to care that man is not serious oh!)…

    As for an elective C-section, if it’s what you want at the end of the day, then by all means go for it after thorough research and weighing your options – it’s really a personal call because a happy mommy makes a happy home and if the looks of your vjj is key, shoot! we don’t want you depressed for life oh – hubby might have bigger problems like not getting any sef or worse yet, mommy having self esteem issues!

    As someone who has been through it, I really only recommend it when absolutely necessary. As much as things seem straightforward/simple – i.e. you’re awake through the procedure, in and out in less than 30 mins, your baby is cleaned up well, all the gunk is removed from your stomach, and vayjayjay stays intact – it is a MAJOR surgery and has associated risks!

    Your body always responds to surgery by putting all of its energies into healing that. You’re on serious pain medication when you get out, quite restricted in what you can do at a time when you’re already too tired to think, have to care for a newborn and then add the need to heal from major surgery all at once. It’s not pretty unless you have all the help in the world and can do nothing but sleep, eat and sleep some more. On a more serious note, it is still MAJOR surgery – I keep harping on this because it’s so easy to dismiss the toll placed on your body from surgery despite the number of women who had CS without complications (thankfully, I was one of them – you can’t find my incision, I avoided infections and blood clots but for the many that exist, there are a few with the opposite story).

    You have to be concerned about avoiding a blod clot in the legs during recovery or infection of the incision during or after surgery (a friend had to have hers re-sewn a couple of times)…. While you will be instructed on how to minimize these issues – e.g. walking a lot to keep up circulation after surgery, avoiding heavy lifting (baby-lifting in certain scenarios included within the first couple of weeks) etc, they are serious risks to be considered.

    Your body was meant to deliver your baby through the vayjayjay, and the C-section really should be reserved as an alternative when nature needs some help. As Nan mentioned, Kegel exercises before and after can help…

    After all my story sha, maybe I’m not the best to answer this bcos, the vjayjay dey kampe so what do I really know? but perhaps after I read other moms’ stories, I might be singing to a different tune and signing up for an elective CS with the next one too, who knows?!

    Avatar of ibinod77

    November 18, 2011 at 3:13am

    I also did not have the luxury of choosing how i had my DS, it was vaginal birth and once the stitches were removed, i didnt have a choice but to push. Because he was pre-term, i could say i escaped the tear and so i didnt have to be sewn up. That doesnt mean my vjj is the way it used to be, but with the kegel exercise it is better and sex is back to pre-baby period. I wish you luck with the baby, but whatever means you take, the delight is in finally holding your precious bundle in your arms. The joy is priceless; worth more than slack vjj or pains froms d incisions

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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