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Figuring out your estimated due date is simple. Add 7 days to the first day of your last normal menstrual period. Then count backwards 3 months. That’s it! Here’s an example – let’s say your last menstrual period started on June 14. Add 7 days to June 14 and it equals June 21. Then count backwards three months and March 21 becomes your estimated due date. Or, use our calculator below. Fill in the fields in the top 2 rows, hit “Calculate!” and the information in the bottom 3 rows will be automatically generated. NOTE: Most doctors and nurses will estimate your due date by starting from your last menstrual period. Therefore, when people refer to what “week” of pregnancy you are in, it is actually counting the two weeks before you get pregnant. – See more at: http://9jamom.com/due-date-calculator#sthash.kFE9jooU.dpuf

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