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DeStressing while Planning for a Baby

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untitled_38Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while preparing for pregnancy will not only increase your chances of achieving a pregnancy, but also benefit you and your baby later on. Stress is one of the most common reasons why women do not ovulate or ovulate later than usual, causing a disruption in the menstrual cycle and difficulties getting pregnant.  Eliminating stress can be one ways to help with conception.  It is helpful for both males and females to relieve stress to help in the conception process. Try to make changes in your life so that you feel more relaxed. Eating healthy, exercising and yoga or meditation can all help to reduce stress.

Keep it spontaneous

Avoid the scheduled sex feeling. When a couple is determined to conceive a child, they may get so caught up in the process that they forget that sex is also an emotional experience.  Both partners should remember to continue doing those “special things” that helped them to fall in love in the first place.

Communicate with your partner

Choose a time that you and your partner are both free. Use this time to express and discuss your frustrations, emotions, and anything else about the conception process that is on your mind. It is important for both partners to talk, as well as to listen. While a woman is hyper-aware of the short window of opportunity during ovulation and can become wrapped up in monitoring her body’s monthly cues, she isn’t the only stressed partner. The act of conception continues to support and encourage a performance-based sexuality, in which a man must achieve an erection and successfully ejaculate, research shows. Basing your sexuality purely on performance not only limits the amount of sex you will have, but also has the potential of extinguishing the erotic desire in your sexual relationship.

Go on dates with your partner

Many times couples tend to stick closer to home when they are trying to conceive a child. While this is a very personal experience for both of you, you can’t forget that there is an entire world out there. A movie, a long walk, dancing, or even just throwing a few games of darts can help to relieve some of the preconception stress. It is all too common for a couple to be so wrapped up in the conception process that they forget who they were, and why they were together before trying to conceive.


If you exercise, your body will overall feel better and be less stressed. Find an activity that makes you and your partner feel good. Maybe running is your gig, or perhaps tennis will be your game.

Give each other a back massage

This works wonders for the level of stress you feel. Your muscles are all uptight from working and dealing with life itself every day. If you get a back massage, you can loosen those tense muscles and feel the stress move out of your body.

Try yoga

Doctors and various parenting articles recommend using yoga to help women de-stress and enhance the chances of pregnancy.  Studies have shown that women who tried yoga while trying to conceive were three times more likely to conceive than those who did not do yoga.  By doing yoga, couples not only strengthen their relationship, but also help each other cope with the anxiety as they try for a baby.

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