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9ja Mom provides a support community for Naija moms and moms-to-be globally. It is a forum for sharing the joys and challenges of being a naija mom! We at 9ja Mom believe being a naija mom is to be celebrated with pride and we want to share that with other like-minded mamas.

And if you’re not yet a mom or don’t plan to be anytime soon? Doesn’t matter! What better community to be part of to get the scoop for when you do become one… 9ja Mom welcomes dads too ;)

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Share with your Friends!
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Our tools, calculators, calendars, checklists, and worksheets help reduce the stress of pregnancy and parenting. Find answers you need for baby names, calculating your due date, trying to conceive, tracking your child's development or fun crafts and family activities, delicious mom-rated recipes and more!