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30-minute meals: Seafood ilaasepo (okra soup)

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Okay last night was serious it was 16degrees when I left the house determined to eat some ilaasepo… I had been craving it for a while and actually bought the okra last week. I loooove fresh okra and its one of my go to healthy, quick Naija meals!!! 

The seafood market is only about 15minutes away but I haven’t been there in years!!! After putting off the trip for a while, I had to go – it had been 4 days since mumsi helped me chop the okra and I wanted it to be as fresh as possible otherwise it was pointless buying fresh okra.

So off I went to get some crabs at 7pm in crazy weather. Anyhow got some jumbo shrimps and crabs – they were out of squids and periwinkles. I also ordered their shrimp sandwich; it was delicious (they have a counter where they cook fresh seafood orders to go, yum!!!!!!!)

Got back home and was exhausted so I decided one more day won’t kill the okra hahaha! Fast forward to today and here’s my recipe for some lip smacking ilaasepo and yes it’s a 30-minute or less meal if you multitask while cooking!!!
1/2lb male crabs
Large handful of habanero peppers (about 8-10) – chopped small
1/3 red bell pepper, roughly blended to add some color
1/2 small onion chopped small
1/2lb jumbo shrimps
Bowl of chopped okra – probably two handfuls
1-2 tbsps of ground Crayfish 
1 tbsp ogiri
1/2cup iru
2 maggi crayfish
1/2 tbsp knorr chicken powder
1tsp hot Jamaican curry 
2 cups water or more as needed

Pour Palmoil in a pot, cover and let simmer for 10-15minutes on low to medium heat (you can chop peppers and clean shrimp and crabs while this heats up)
Pour onions and habanero peppers in the oil, turn heat to low and let sauté for 3mins
Cut each cleaned shrimp in half
Add the red bell pepper
Add washed iru, crayfish and ogiri and let saute for 3 mins
Add the crabs, smoked fish and stock fish (I was out of both fish though but I would have added at this point) 
Add water, maggi and knorr, cover and let your crabs cook (note: I had to use frozen crabs because of the time of the year so I simply defrosted in the fridge overnight and reduced time to reheat in this step to avoid overcooking)
Add shrimp and okra just before crab is fully cooked, leave uncovered and let all come to a boil – I love my okra still fresh and crunchy, not overlooked.
Taste and season as needed
Serve with some fresh hot eba (or whatever suits your soul)… I’m an eba girl and nothing like eba and okra to make me happy!!!!

Sorry didn’t have time to make the eba pretty but you can also use a cookie cutter to make pretty shapes for the kids.

Best meal ever when it’s snowing like mad outside. Pair with a glass of red wine to reduce the bite of the pepper.

This was an awesome treat for me – I’m down almost 2lbs from last week. See my post on last week’s meal plan!!! Yay me!!!

Mommy Timesaving Tip: buy 1lb of crabs, boil and freeze half for your next meal or if frozen, freeze immediately for future use.






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